Welcome to OSINT Games

Learn through completing hands-on hunting and gathering on the internet. Our Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) focused Capture The Flag (CTF) will test your knowledge of OSINT tools and techniques, help push you to experience and learn additional OSINT skills, and bring you a mix of both frustration and fun.

Challenges for All Skill Levels

Whether you just learned about the discipline of OSINT or have been using it for years, our challenges will excite and engage you.

Created By Experts for You!

Our creative team of OSINT experts that make the challenges uses their 40+ years of combined, real-world, OSINT experience to make not just CTFs but to help you learn.

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Challenge Categories

Some of the challenges will ask you to...

  • Explore social media profiles and posts
  • Perform image analyses
  • Discover where an event happened (Geolocation)
  • Investigate businesses
  • Find data in the Dark Webs

What People Are Saying

Some people have said these things

  • "What I really like about this format is that when confronted with a challenge that requires skills I don't have, I can take time out to learn how to complete it, instead of just skipping that one due to the usual ctf time constraints."

    Maree M. (OSINT Games Participant)
  • "Was definitely enlightening. I discovered that I rely too much on Google and underutilized Bing, Yandex, and other sites. I will not make that mistake in the future! Was a great check to see 'where I'm at'."

    Anonymous (OSINT Games Participant)
  • The CTF "is a perfect match for all skill levels, with a well-distributed mix of beginner, intermediate, and more advanced challenges. The format is straightforward and the hints are thoughtfully constructed. The hint feature enabled me to stretch my beginner-to-intermediate skill set and achieve all 100 flags while still making me work for my points. I walked away from this event knowing way more than before. I can't recommend OSINTGames highly enough."

    Alexa W. (OSINT Games Participant)
  • "It did not hurt to play."